Commercial Roof Maintenance

A well mainted roof will last for its rated lifetime, and oftentimes, beyond. When you hire Roof Maintenance & Systems, Inc. to maintain your commercial roof we will perform an initial on-site inspection and provide a full report, listing any issues such as drainage, roof traffic, weather damage, and moisture infiltration.

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Based on our evaluation we will create a maintenance plan that meets both your budget and your roof’s requirements. Inspections, repairs and maintainance will be performed as needed to ensure your commercial roof performs up to and beyond its rated lifetime.

All of our Maintenance Plan Agreements include the following:

  • Full Inspection (membrane, flashings, sheet metal, drains, gutters, etc.)
  • Survey Documentation (written report and photo documentation)
  • Customized Roof Maintenance Plan
  • Removal of debris from drains, gutters, conductor heads and roof leaders
  • Repair of minor deficiencies in the roof system
  • Budgeting for roof repairs (or replacement if necessary)

Commercial Roof Repair

Since 1983, Roof Maintenance & Systems has serviced and repaired commercial roofs of every kind. During that time we’ve seen it all and we’ve fixed it all.

Led by industry experts Jake Harper and Ben Vero, within 24 hours of receiving your service request we will set up an appointment to evaluate your roof issue and propose a solution.  Examples of our expertise is pictured below, which includes, but is certainly not limited to:

  • Vent relocation
  • Curb installation
  • Safety railing installation (perimeter, roof hatch, etc.)
  • Snow guard installation
  • Removal of wet insulation build-iup
  • Roof drain repair and replacement
  • Roof Leak Emergency Response

We provide several ways to schedule service.

Examples of commercial roof repairs and maintenance we’ve performed